When building the Flying Bison ownership and front office teams, the goal was to find passionate people who were fans themselves and who cared about Abilene. So far, we think we’ve been successful in accomplishing that goal, and look forward to continuing to grow our team.

George Lessmeister

As a huge baseball fan growing up, George knew that at some point his career would lead him towards working in baseball, and he’s fortunate to start that journey in Abilene. His extensive background in business operations and his passion for the sport is what will help steer the Flying Bison to success for years to come.

Scott Kirk

Baseball wouldn’t be back in Big Country without Scott Kirk, a former school teacher, sports writer, AND expert on all things Abilene. Combining those three elements are what make him the right choice for team president. He’s integral to making moves that solidify Abilene and the Flying Bison as the baseball destination we know it can be.

John Stark

The general manager needs to assume different roles for a team to be successful; Fortunately for us, John Stark is used to wearing many hats. Thanks to more than a decade of coaching experience in Abilene, he’s the perfect fit for overseeing baseball operations from A to Z that will position the Flying Bison as an elite team.

Cat Duguay

Like the rest of the front office team, Cat Duguay fell in love with sports as a kid. After focusing on communication and sports marketing in college, she set her sights on working with an organization as passionate as she was. And there’s no better place to do that than in Abilene with the Flying Bison team.